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How to Grant Access to Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager Access

Google Tag Manager access seems to be the way Google is going with all access including the Google Marketing Platform. We have been noticing errors with trying to install schema through GTM but, for the most part, Google Tag Manager is pretty straight forward.   Add Users to an Account To add users to a Tag Manager […]

How to Share Access to Google Search Console

Google Search Console Granting Access

If you are launching soon with Search Envy and do not have Google Search Console Setup, please let us know. Another option is to provide us with CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Shopify, etc) access and we will be able to verify our access by adding some code to the header. If you don’t want to provide […]

How to Share Access to Google Analytics

Search Envy Google Analytics

Whether you have signed up for our services or need clarification on how to share Google Analytics correctly without giving keys to the farm, this article is for you.   Grant Users Access in Google Analytics Sign in to Google Analytics. Click Admin, and navigate to the desired account then click Account User Management. In […]

How to Share access to Google My Business

GMB Access

There are a few different ways to manage users on Google My Business. We still like using email over the agency’s location group ID. If you have multiple locations we will need access to all of them if not sharing all in a location group. The importance of ranking in the Google Search Engine Results […]