What is my purpose?


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What is my purpose?

Days are shorter. PSLs are a-flowin’. What is time? We’re confused as possibly the biggest eCommerce (PPC) season sneaks up on us. Here’s a bunch of digital marketing (and other) stuff that came up in the last week. 🕰️



🎅 Last-minute eCommerce tips for … next month already!

🔗 Get out from under that rock and use these modern link acquisition tactics.



🧮 How much are your ads making? Calculate your ROI.

😵 Read this PPC forecasting report that has too long of a headline.



👀 This State of Email Report is probably worth your time.

🙊 Mailchimp vs Drip. One person’s account.



🎥 Hey. Wanna make money off of marketing your YouTube videos?

🤔 The TikTok deal is confusing us, too. Here’s the DL.



🧠 Will replacing AI data with AI knowledge be the end of humanity? (No, it’ll probably be cool.)

👩‍💻 2040 estimates that communications technology will take up to 14% of the world’s carbon footprint.



👏 Premiere Pro to let you collab (wonder what recent pandemic inspired that?). 

👩 Heard about the ‘Sisters’ font family? Take note! 



💸 HubSpot went digital with INBOUND this year, so we could afford tickets.



🎮 MS acquires Bethesda.



A 1960’s KFC Christmas ad.

this old marketing#HAPPY HOUR

☕ Drunken spice. In a large mug, stir together 2 oz whiskey, half cup black coffee, half cup pumpkin spice creamer, and 2 tbsp pumpkin spice. Enjoy.



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