My life has been a lie! God is dead! The government’s lame!


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My life has been a lie! God is dead! The government’s lame!

TL;DR It’s been a relatively quiet holiday week. Let’s stir things up with a handful of digital marketing news from your one and only favorite sources, the Jerry Report. 



🤔 It’s all about intent with these popular blog styles. 

🎩 Black hat SEO. What is it, risks, and why not.



📅 Paid social trends for 2021 comin’ at ya. 

🔊 YouTube audio ads provide a big opportunity. 



🌊 Ride the email marketing workflow wave like the pros.

🗺️ Strategies and key tactics for your 2020 email marketing.



📹 Three seconds. Right size. Engagement. That’s how you do Facebook video

🌞 Twice as many searches for solar light crafts. Sound … bright. More bright Pinterest trends



✂️ Top 3 digital coupon sites:,, And other Black Friday stats.

⏱️ See more things in the Search Console about your site speed.



🙅‍♀️ An argument against those personas you worked so hard to make.

🔧 Best Figma plugins for your typical design process:

  1. Project Setup
  2. Wireframing
  3. Working with Content
  4. Quick Designing (Utility)
  5. Hygiene Check
  6. Design Systems
  7. Animation and Prototype Testing
  8. Exporting



📚 Sixty-seven Content Marketing books to keep your Scotch company this winter. 🥃



😤 “Sometimes the hard part of problem-solving is not finding a solution, but agreeing there’s a problem in the first place.” — Sacha Greif



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