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jerry report looks bad

Peace among worlds

The doom scrolling has slowed down, and you might have actually started bingeing TV instead of political news. Are you still watching? No! You’re now

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bunny swinging

Do you still love me?

What’s this feeling? Is it relief? 2020 has finally provided a resolution to one thing. There’s still a long way to go, but we’ve covered

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jerry report ecommerce edition

I still don’t know what I do

#TL;DR We’re moving at string-lightning speed. If you’re an e-commerce company (need PPC Management?), you’re behind. Ya, sad, but true. Always and all of the

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Jerry Report - What is my purpose

What is my purpose?

Days are shorter. PSLs are a-flowin’. What is time? We’re confused as the, possibly biggest, eCommerce season sneaks up on us.

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Hungry for Apples?

You’ve arrived, you lucky SOB. This is the first Jerry Report for all you agency, in-house, and freelanceJerry Smiths out there. It’s our weekly (probably) collection of digital takes on the marketing world. So, are you hungry for apples? 🍎

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