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How to Share Access to Google Search Console

How to Share Access to Google Search Console

If you are launching soon with Search Envy and do not have Google Search Console Setup, please let us know.

Another option is to provide us with CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Shopify, etc) access and we will be able to verify our access by adding some code to the header. If you don’t want to provide us CMS access we can send the verification code that we would need installed in the header. Please ask for this code during our Pre Launch meeting to make sure we don’t hit any hurdles on launch day. For security, you can always remove this code later to remove our access to Google Search Console.


Add Users to Google Search Console:

    1. Login to Google Search Console.
    2. Choose the property in Search Console.
    3. Click the Settings icon Settings in the left navigation pane.
    4. Click on Users & permissions.
    5. Click Add user and select the permissions to grant us.
    6. Choose the permission level to grant the user.

If sharing with Search Envy, we ask that you grant us “Full” permission.

  1. Finished!

Share access to Google Search Console

Note: The new owner must add the property to their property list in order to access it.




Managing owners, users, and permissions

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