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Google Ads’ improved targeting for MSPs: Say goodbye to low-impact options

Google Ads’ improved targeting for MSPs: Say goodbye to low-impact options

As a managed service provider (MSP), your digital marketing campaigns’ success is critical to your business’s growth. Google Ads has always been a reliable platform for MSPs seeking to target potential customers through focused advertising. Recently, Google Ads has significantly changed its location targeting settings to streamline the process and improve ad performance.

Starting in March, Google Ads will remove low-impact options from its location targeting settings across all campaign types. Google Ads aims to simplify and align the targeting process to make it more intuitive for advertisers to create campaigns that deliver results.

One of the most noteworthy changes affecting target settings is removing the “Search interest: People searching for your target locations” targeting option. Google Ads found that this option has a low adoption rate and is ineffective. Advertisers can still target “Presence or interest” or “Presence” options, which align better with most campaigns’ advertising objectives.

Another option that Google Ads will remove is “Presence or interest: People in, regularly in, or who’ve shown interest in your excluded locations.” According to Google, this option is often confusing for advertisers and minimizes campaign performance. However, campaigns will continue to exclude people in the excluded locations.

Google Ads has been testing these changes and conducting interviews with dozens of advertisers to assess how they will affect their usage and performance. By aligning location targeting settings across campaign types, Google Ads aims to enhance the targeting experience for advertisers.

What do these changes mean for MSPs? These changes will simplify the location targeting process in Google Ads, making setting up campaigns and achieving marketing goals easier. While some MSPs may have used the options that Google is removing, those options are known to have little impact on performance. Therefore, MSPs should be prepared to adjust their targeting settings in March to take advantage of these changes.

In conclusion, Google Ads’ improved targeting for MSPs is a positive change that will help streamline the location targeting process and improve ad performance. Advertisers should say goodbye to low-impact options and welcome a more intuitive targeting experience on Google Ads.

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