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Run of Network (RON)

Run of Network (RON)

Run of Network (RON) is a term commonly used in online advertising, particularly in the realm of display ads. Essentially, RON refers to a type of ad campaign where advertisers choose to have their ads displayed across a network of websites without specifying particular sites or sections within those sites. This means that the ads will appear on any available ad space within the network, offering broad exposure but limited control over ad placement.

TL;DR What is Run of Network (RON)?

In short, Run of Network (RON) is an advertising approach where ads are displayed across a network of websites without targeting specific placements.


RON plays a significant role in advertising strategies due to its potential for wide-reaching exposure. For advertisers aiming to increase brand awareness or reach a diverse audience, RON campaigns can be an effective tool. However, it’s essential to balance this broad exposure with more targeted advertising efforts to ensure maximum impact and relevance.

Examples/Use Cases

  • A clothing retailer launches a RON campaign to promote its new seasonal collection across various fashion and lifestyle websites.
  • An online streaming service utilizes RON ads to reach a broad audience of entertainment enthusiasts, increasing subscription sign-ups.
  • A travel agency employs RON advertising to showcase vacation packages to a diverse range of potential travelers.


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  • Network Advertising
  • Broad Ad Campaigns



Key Components/Features

  • Broad Exposure: RON campaigns offer advertisers exposure across a wide range of websites within a network.
  • Limited Targeting: Unlike targeted advertising, RON does not specify particular sites or audiences.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: RON can be a cost-effective option for advertisers seeking general brand exposure.

Related Terms

  • Targeted Advertising
  • Contextual Advertising
  • Programmatic Advertising

Tips/Best Practices

  1. Combine with Targeted Ads: Use RON campaigns in conjunction with targeted advertising to achieve a balance between broad reach and specific audience targeting.
  2. Monitor Performance: Regularly track and analyze the performance of RON campaigns to ensure they align with advertising goals and objectives.
  3. Optimize Creatives: Create compelling ad creatives that resonate with a diverse audience to maximize the impact of RON campaigns.
  4. Set Frequency Caps: Avoid overwhelming users with excessive ad impressions by setting frequency caps within RON campaigns.
  5. Refine Over Time: Continuously refine and optimize RON strategies based on performance data and audience feedback to enhance effectiveness.

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What is the difference between Run of Network (RON) and targeted advertising?

RON campaigns involve displaying ads across a network of websites without specifying particular placements, whereas targeted advertising focuses on reaching specific audiences based on demographics, interests, or behaviors. While RON offers broad exposure, targeted advertising allows for more precise audience segmentation and messaging.

How can I ensure my RON campaign reaches the right audience?

While RON campaigns lack the specificity of targeted advertising, advertisers can optimize their creatives and ad placements to resonate with a broader audience. Additionally, monitoring performance metrics and refining strategies based on audience feedback can help improve the relevance and effectiveness of RON campaigns over time.

Are RON campaigns cost-effective?

RON campaigns can be cost-effective compared to more targeted advertising approaches, as they typically involve lower costs per impression or click. However, it’s essential to assess the overall return on investment (ROI) and compare the cost-effectiveness of RON campaigns against other advertising strategies based on campaign objectives and performance metrics.

Can I control where my ads appear in a RON campaign?

Unlike targeted advertising, which allows advertisers to specify particular sites or audience segments, RON campaigns offer limited control over ad placement. Ads may appear across various websites within a network, but advertisers typically cannot dictate specific placements or contexts for their ads.

How do I measure the success of a RON campaign?

Success metrics for RON campaigns may vary depending on campaign objectives but commonly include metrics such as impressions, clicks, click-through rates (CTRs), and conversions. Advertisers should establish clear goals and track relevant performance metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of their RON campaigns.

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