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Facebook Went Down, Where did people waste their time

Facebook Went Down, Where did people waste their time

From what we are told Facebook’s 6-hour outage was caused by some rookie updating some routers. To make matters more complicated Facebook internally uses the same tools that run through the routers adding to the confusion. Obviously, it’s weird for a marketing agency to say FB is a time-waster, but in reality, Facebook & co has become the 5 minutes needed break during the day for most of us.

Where did people go when Facebook was down?

It will be interesting to see how which competitor saw the biggest uptick. amongst our peers, Reddit was the clear winner. Some said they opened Pinterest for the first time in a while and others were up on Twitter. If this was more than a couple of hours I think the majority of users would have finally stopped hitting the refresh and actually made the jump-off to a different platform. maybe time for the Chive to make a comeback. These are just watercooler stats and look forward to the analytics to follow from the alternatives.


Advertising Campaigns that were affected

Yes, there’s going to be a 6-hour gap in ads yesterday. Not all of Facebook and Instagram were down so you could see some ad spend if you have a “set it and forget it” campaign. If you are going fishing, go to where the fish are. Right now that is still Facebook but might be worth building out campaigns elsewhere and start testing the waters.



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