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Cheba Hut Franchise Case Study
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Overview of the Client Case Study

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Cheba Hut "Toasted" Subs


Fort Collins, CO



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SEO, PPC, Website

Embracing a Unique Counter-Culture

Established in 1998, Cheba Hut has always prided itself on being a refreshing divergence from the typical fast-casual brands. As pioneers, they introduced the world to the first cannabis-themed establishment, blending homegrown recipes with a relaxed, vibrant ambiance, all served up by their genuine team.

Over their 25 enriching years, their journey has been consistent and filled with milestones. Today, Cheba Hut’s distinct vibe graces over 60 establishments across more than 16 states and counting. They’ve become more than just a dining destination; they’ve cultivated a community of passionate enthusiasts. Their success is reflected not only in the loyalty of their patrons but also in their top-tier, industry-leading unit economics.

"I knew I needed a high-level professional who would come in and run this part of the marketing machine without needing much direction."
VP of Marketing

For a quarter-century, Cheba Hut has stood out as a sandwich shop and a unique cultural experience. Rooted in its cannabis-themed persona, the brand’s authenticity shines through every sandwich and interaction. Customers flock for the food and the vibrant, authentic atmosphere that Cheba Hut consistently delivers. While many brands evolve chasing trends, Cheba Hut’s unwavering dedication to its identity showcases the power of genuine brand culture in ensuring enduring success.


Since 1998, Cheba Hut has grown from a unique cannabis-themed eatery to over 60 locations across 16 states and growing, renowned for its vibe and business success.


  • Cheba Hut has never focused on Digital Marketing.
  • “Teaching old dogs new tricks”
  • Building a playbook for success from scratch.
  • Small budgets to start till proven successes.


  • Local SEO
  • Website Performance
  • Paid Media Testing
  • Directory & DSP Optimizations
  • Tracking and Analytics Setup


ROAS Google Ads

New Refering Domains

Increase in Traffic Value

Pages Indexed in ahrefs

Cheba Hut’s Commitment to Brand and Culture for a Quarter-Century

Central to this success has been Cheba Hut’s grassroots approach. Eschewing flash-in-the-pan marketing gimmicks, they’ve cultivated a dedicated fan base the old-fashioned way through word-of-mouth, community engagement, and genuine passion for their brand ethos. At the heart of their menu, quality sandwiches have always been paramount. Made with care and dedication, each sandwich is a testament to Cheba Hut’s commitment to excellence.

Over the years, this focus on brand and culture has not only set Cheba Hut apart in the fast-casual dining sector. Still, it has also ensured its longevity and growth as they’ve expanded their footprint nationwide. Through it all, Cheba Hut remains a beloved brand, staying true to its roots while serving top-notch sandwiches with a side of culture.

The Challenges: Cheba's Digital Awakening

In a rapidly evolving digital age, even the most established brands can find themselves faced with new challenges. For Cheba Hut, a brand that thrived on its distinctive counter-culture vibe and grassroots marketing, digital marketing was a relatively uncharted territory.

A Slow Embrace of the Digital Age

For years, Cheba Hut flourished without focusing on digital marketing. It was the classic challenge of “teaching old dogs new tricks.” The intrinsic belief in face-to-face interaction and physical community-building made the digital realm seem less essential. However, as times changed, the leadership, after four long years, came to a pivotal realization: the importance of leading with digital marketing could no longer be overlooked.

The trigger was clear. While the brand understood the need to be more digitally present, there was also an acknowledgment of the vastness and complexity of the digital arena. It was an ever-evolving landscape, and rather than navigating it themselves, there was a preference to have an expert take the lead.

Addressing Core Concerns

The primary problem Cheba Hut wanted to address was the slower-than-desired interaction and sales growth across its locations. The goal was straightforward: amplify brand awareness and ensure Cheba Hut was top of mind when hunger struck potential customers.

While there was a unanimous understanding of the digital imperative, concerns lingered. The foremost fear was cultural, a potential resistance within the company to adopt and support the new digital methodologies. There was also the anxiety of digital efforts not yielding the desired results and the struggle to demonstrate the value of digital endeavors tangibly.

If not for their decisive action in the digital space, Cheba Hut might have continued its reliance on grassroots marketing tools and DIY digital projects, potentially missing out on substantial growth opportunities and efficiencies that digital offers.

A New Digital Era

Embracing digital marketing transformed Cheba Hut in numerous ways. Beyond the evident performance enhancements, it enriched the team’s capabilities. They no longer operated with a fragmented approach but with structured digital plans, precise workflows, and valuable insights into what worked and what didn’t.

The digital foray has been about shifting marketing strategies and realigning the brand’s core focus. While curating culture remains vital, driving interactions has now become equally crucial. As the Chief Interaction Growth officer humorously put it, digital marketing is now about “being in front of your ideal customer when they need you,” ensuring that Cheba Hut remains not just a dining choice, but a cultural experience, no matter where the customer interacts with the brand.

Our Approach

In the face of evolving challenges and a growing need for digital visibility, Cheba Hut recognized the importance of a multifaceted approach. Here are the tailored solutions implemented to ensure they stay ahead in the digital age:

  1. Local SEO: Recognizing that most customers search for local dining options, we optimized Cheba Hut’s local search engine. This ensures that when potential customers search for a unique dining experience nearby, Cheba Hut prominently features in the search results, driving footfall and online interactions.
  2. Website Performance: A seamless online experience is crucial in retaining potential customers. We undertook a comprehensive review and optimization of Cheba Hut’s website, ensuring faster load times, mobile responsiveness, and intuitive user navigation, translating to higher user retention and engagement.
  3. Paid Media Testing: We initiated a series of paid media tests to achieve the best return on investment and understand where advertising dollars are best spent. We identified the most effective strategies to reach the target audience and drive conversions by assessing various platforms and ad formats.
  4. Directory & DSP Optimizations: Ensuring consistent and optimized listings across various directories is pivotal for brand consistency. Additionally, optimizing Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) ensures that Cheba Hut’s advertisements reach the right audience at the right time, maximizing visibility and engagement.
  5. Tracking and Analytics Setup: Knowledge is power. To ensure informed decision-making, we established a robust search and analytics framework. This provides real-time insights into user behavior, campaign performance, and areas of opportunity, allowing for continuous refinement of digital strategies.

Real Results from Cheba Hut's Digital Transformation

Our dive into the digital world has brought about transformative results for Cheba Hut. Let’s dive into some of the standout achievements.

Together, these metrics paint the picture of a brand that’s not just adjusting but genuinely excelling in the digital age.

ROAS Google Ads Surges to 2127%

Our targeted Google Ads campaigns have been a roaring success. Every dollar invested has reaped immense returns, showcasing the power of strategic paid advertising.
ROAS on Google Ads

Pages Indexed in Ahrefs Reach 591

Our concentrated efforts in Local SEO have substantially increased our indexed pages in Ahrefs. This boost indicates our growing presence in organic searches and our ability to reach potential customers effectively.

New Referring Domains Hit 401

Our digital footprint continues to expand. With more external sites pointing towards Cheba Hut, our online credibility and visitor count are rising.

Traffic Value Skyrockets by 239.16%

Our strategies have brought about a remarkable upswing in the value of our web traffic. It’s not just about numbers; it’s about the quality of engagement and the potential conversions that come with it.

61% Uplift in Local Search Visibility

Cheba Hut’s strategic approach to local SEO has yielded an impressive rise in visibility. The brand now prominently stands out in local search results by leveraging accurate listings, local content, and consistent online engagement. This enhanced visibility not only positions Cheba Hut as a go-to choice for many but also attracts a growing number of interested customers, reinforcing its local reputation.

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